The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain (jenni_the_odd) wrote,
The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain

House, or something like it!

Yesterday I drove by zee House (I need to name it something so I can properly tag posts about it). No one was there, so I went in and took a look around--also, pictures.

I took these quickly, as the sun was setting and I wanted to get *something* before it was too dark. Also I was trying to get some shots of the floor, so my mom could see how the tile turned out.
Invisible Couch! Also, Invisible Friends and Loved Ones
This will be the living room. The living/dining area is all one big open space only separated from the kitchen by a bar, and it is full of windows. This is awesome. I loves me some windows.

This is where the food will happen
Kitchen! With the edge of the back door there on the right.

Kitchen sink, and a close-up of the pretty, pretty countertop.

View out the back window
Here's the view out the back window, which is on the other side of the back door, facing south. I like the patio, and may surround it with various plants. My garden will be mighty, just you wait.

Second Bedroom: Home to As-Yet-Undetermined Future Housemate
Once I find a roommate, this will be their room. They will also have their own bathroom, but it was super-dark and I didn't take any pictures of it.

My room! There is also a little office/technically a third bedroom off of my room. Depending on future roommate situations or what we think will sell better when I move, we may put in a door to that room from the hallway so it's more obviously a third bedroom. For now, OFFICE.

The view out my window
The view from the master bedroom window. Hi, pond! Hi, picturesque but almost certainly dangerously dilapidated dock!

A shot of the shower, which is different from the tile in the rest of the house. Had I kept the same giant tiles, that would be one slippery bastich of a shower floor, and I like not slipping and hitting my head and dying in the shower. I'm weird that way. Also, this is a freakin' huge shower. I can rent it out as a car wash for extra money on weekends.

Pretty sink in the master bath. The other bathroom has a sink like this as well. Because, well, it's a sink. Wooo, sink.

Moving schedule is still up in the air. Currently it's looking as though the house will be finished for realz sometime in the next week or two, and hopefully closing will occur soon after. My best guess is that moving will happen around October 20th.

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