The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain (jenni_the_odd) wrote,
The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain


My youngest sister (6 years old) just said one of the scariest things I think I've ever heard.
She was sitting in the bathtub, playing with her barbies and talking to herself, and suddenly she looks up and says to me (referring to the barbie):
"I want to be just like her when I grow up"
"What? Why?"
"Because... she's thin and pretty and she's got blond hair and blue eyes..."

I shuddered. I really did. I talked to her some more, but that's basically what she kept saying.
She's six years old.
I never cease to find it weird that to me, blond hair and blue eyes are... eh... not that pretty. Particularly since most people seem to accept their mother's appearance as the standard for beauty... and my mother has blond hair, blue eyes, and (at least before she was married and for a while when I was younger) supermodel-eque proportions. By most standards, she was gorgeous. But I think the really skinny supermodel look is.. well.. ugly. Those women are scrawny and they look like they'd snap in half. Ugh.
I'm with vebelfetzer on this one...
larger girls are just... prettier. I'm not saying this because I'm fat... oh hell no... right now, I'm not pretty by any stretch of the imagination. It'd be nice to lose weight (and I am... oddly enough. e_O), but I honestly don't want to be skinny (and it'd take more than weight loss to make me 'pretty'... heh). Ugh. 'sides, I'm hispanic... I'll have these lovely broad shoulders and hips no matter what, and dammit, if I'm gonna be curvy, I'm gonna enjoy it. ^_~

Back to the blond thing... I look at my characters (over 200 of them), and there are maybe... two blonds. Three, possibly four if I'm forgetting a couple. And the two I can think of (Makenzie and Arden), I set out to purposely make them 'unattractive'. (Ironically, Makenzie has turned out to be one of the 'cutest' characters I've got, but we're going to ignore that... 9_9) They've both got short blond hair (as my mom has had for most of my life), Makenzie has dark red eyes - which I just think are cool, but they're contacts. Her eyes are really blue - and Arden has blue-gray eyes. Both have typical caucasian complexions. Hmmm.

On the other hand, my favorite character and the one most like me has incredibly pale skin, blue hair, and violet eyes. So maybe I over-analyze too much. @_@

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