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Back from Austin...

hmmm. this was an interesting weekend. Shall I recap it for you? Oh, I think I shall.... *cackle*

Well, Thursday after my last post, I finally got my parents out of the house (we left two hours after my mom and dad planned it. I was ready at eight AM. not my fault they weren't ready 'til 10!). Never before have I been so glad that I like any kind of music I can sing along with - I prompted my mother to let us listen to music the whole way up there, which effectively blocked any attempts at conversation. ^_^ hehe.

We arrived right on time, about 1 o'clock, and set about the registration process. That was over pretty quick and then my parents got out of there (as far as I know - I didn't see 'em after that).
I went up to my room, where I met my roommate, Debi, who seemed pretty nice. (I was so worried I'd wind up rooming with someone who incited urges to kill...) She went to the reception/party thing downstairs - we were on the 11th floor, mmmm, elevators - and I opted to remain in the room and draw a bit. I eventually fell asleep due to a lack of rest the night before, and when I woke up I had about an hour until we had to be anywhere. So, figuring a little socialization for once wouldn't kill me, I went. Might have been a slight mistake. e_e;; 'twas quite dull, though I dare say my people-watching skills have been honed to near-perfection over this summer. I did meet some interesting people, notably Axel (what a cool name, eh? I certainly thought so...) who resembled one of Emily's old boyfriends and was very quiet. I also met Carl, who at first appeared to hate any and all people even more than I did. I could tell he'd be fun to hang around with, if I could just get him to talk... And there was Joel, who seemed quite friendly but only chatted for a few minutes before everyone was herded elsewhere.
We went to our 'cohort groups', that is, a group of 20-40 people who had some student mentors and some faculty members in charge, and I saw one guy I knew from band. He told me there were about seven other people from our school attending, but he and Michael were the only ones I'd ever heard of. Carl was in my cohort group, and, once again, made no move to speak. We played a rather.... amusing icebreaker game where we had to tell facts about ourselves, I babbled some useless information and proceeded to doodle all over the sheet they gave us to write personal information on. Wheee!
After that, we headed out on a tour of the campus. Lots of hills. But very nice. I loved a lot of the buildings. (I like looking at the designs of buildings, as well as thinking up designs for 'em, but I can't draw a straight line to save my life, so...) When we headed back to our big dormitory-type-thing, we were herded up the stairs and informed that we were going to the dining hall. Not particularly hungry, I sat in a booth by myself until it was time to leave and go to an assembly in one of the auditoriums. It was an introduction to the UT campus etc, etc, the usual stuff. Then they had a professor come to talk to us. He was Australian - I LOVED his accent! Unfortunately, the topic of his discussion just about put me to sleep. ._. he was talking about his reseach that involved extensive use of computer models to predict and understand the structure of the skeletal and muscular structures, particularly those necessary for walking and other forms of movement. Good stuff, but... I - along with most of the other students, from what I heard - fell asleep. I did wake up in time to see the pictures of the body parts acquired from cadavers that allowed them to monitor force and electrical impulses in the muscle. I think I was the only one in my area who thought "COOL! BODY PARTS!" instead of "ewwww"... 9_9 I'm weird.
After the assembly was a reception outside featuring a bunch of booths that supposedly had information (I didn't visit them, more on that later), live dancing, and music.
I sat on a wall-thing and drew for a whle, then Joel came over - I was surprised by that, he approached me. Usually people don't do that so much... Anywhom, we started talking about our respective jobs (*snif* I miss TAS! WAAH! *smacks self* enough of that), schools, and tastes in music. Turns out there IS someone else like me out there! he also like just about every kind of music, 'cept country. Just as I said I could stand country, the dance group (quote me: "if I wanted to see that, I'd lose a lot of weight and prance around in front of a mirror. e_e") ended and a country band came on. I groaned and retracted my statement. Axel found me again and sat next to me despite the tree branch that very stubbornly refused to move out of his face. Joel, Axel, and I were joined by a church-y girl whose name I have forgotten who covered her ears every time Joel cursed. He and I responded by offering to sing "the 'Fuck' song", which I told her I would make up just for her. She declined. Carl was with her, and by this time he had loosened up quite a bit and was laughing and talking with everyone else. Must be drugs in the food or something. We all ha a good time mocking the country band and just chatting, then we headed back to the dorms for another cohort meeting. It was mercifully quick, and we were allowed to go to our rooms or the nice common room on the second floor where the initial party-thing had been. I had been tired before, but I didn't want to sleep. So I went to the common room and people-watched for a bit longer. Fun! I saw Michael, and even though I had promised myself that I WOULD NOT bug him during the colloquium, I couldn't help myself. His hair has gotten so long... pretty soon it'll go past just being shaggy and require being tied back. 9_9 thatboy is one of the very few people I've met whose hair is harder to control than mine.
I met my roommate upstairs, we chatted for a few minutes, then I decided sleep was good, and I made use of my uncanny ability to sleep through light, noise, etc. I dunno when she went to bed. ^_^

When I woke up, I debated going to breakfast, decided I wasn't hungry, and went back to sleep. I then woke up again, had an interesting encounter with the showers and lack of hot water (washing three feet of hair in cold water... BRRRRRRRRRR.... at least it woke me up. ^_^), and wandered around trying to find my first class - "Where do Vampires Come From?". I arrived almost half an hour early, having slightly underestimated my own (admittedly very meager) navigational skills. Good subject matter (I love that whole 'evolution of an idea' thing! eee! I play on it a lot in SA, where it's described how myths got formed, and how they were changed so that a lot of them are off. Anywhom...), great teacher. He was quite entertaining. And no, I don't think that school should be like TV (I dislike TV...), but anyone who has to instruct large numbers of people needs to be an entertainer. Otherwise, no one will really care. It was almost enough to make me want to take Slavic languages, just to get to see more.
Next up, a panel discussion on social issues in the new century. *snooze* this was really not very informative, nor was it as interesting as I had been hoping, judging by the blurb in the packet we'd been given.
After the panel, I headed to another building for a linch with the college of Liberal Arts - which I also have begun to refer to as the "Undecided college"... It was interesting (yummy food. ^_^ , cute waitstaff, and everyone felt quite underdressed - it was in a ballroom, and we're all in t-shirts and shorts!) and I'm thinking the liberal arts college might be a good idea, at least until I figure out what to do with my life. I saw Axel, but I didn't sit by him because there were only a few seats left at his table and I figured he'd want to sit with someone more interesting. He gave me a weird look. e.O
After lunch, I had another class - "Ridiculous Requests - the scale in Netiquitte". That was another disappointment - just a discussion (there were only four people in the class, so it was very much just a discussion!) on what not to do in emails. It was all pretty much common sense... *sigh* But the teacher seemed really nice, the other people in class were very quiet despite her asking them questions constantly, and I rather enjoyed it.
Third class was on "fantastical thinking", basically something I've pondered for a long time - can children discern between reality and fantasy, do they choose not to, etc?, as well as an extension of that - whether or not adults lose this ability to fantasize so vividly. I suspect not. Again, wasn't quite as informative as I'd hoped, but I figured that since these 'classes' weren't really courses in the subjects, we couldn't really expect the professors to totally enlighten us in an hour. It, again, was interesting.
After the classes, I had a cohort meeting and then dinner. I figured I should probably eat something (all I'd eaten in a few days was some of the salad and a little chicken a few hours previous at lunch. I wasn't hungry!) so I had some soup and once more sat alone. A lot of people sat with the cohort groups, but I really didn't feel like being social.
About an hour after dinner, there was this thing in the big gym, with all sorts of sports and a dance and such. Anyone who knows me knows sports are NOT my thing, and neither are dances. I hid in the common room fo ra little while before tiptoeing back into my dorm room (trying not to wake my roommate) and falling asleep until 11:45, when we had an inhumanly timed cohort meeting. ^_^ It woke me up, though, so I then went to the common room and watched some people play piano, met some more anime fans, and enjoyed myself. I saw Michael come in and I commented that his hair looked cute when it was wet. Never before had I seen it when it was affected by gravity. e.O Then 'twas bedtime once more. Determined not to be destined for another cold shower the next morning, I took on at 1:30 AM and battled with a showerhead that was placed roughly 5'6'' up on the wall. I am 5'9''. ^_^;;; then I tied my hair in a knot and went to sleep in a puddle. Debi came in about 2, and we quietly pondered sending her evil alarm clock from hell out to collide with the skull of the girl who was practically shouting in the hallway. But she eventually quieted and we slept.

This morning I actually woke up early and made myself eat breakfast (mistake there, I usually don't and it tends to make me feel ill), then headed off to once more be half an hour early for my next activity. ^_^ I found it just fine, maybe I underestimate my navigational skills far too much... It was a student media tour, which was really a letdown. The newspaper and everything seemed quite interesting, but it was fifteen minutes. Go up the stairs, look around, go back down, look around, leave. Not too much info there. But the radio station seems interesting. They play local alternative music, so I grabbed one of the free CDs for Nicole, she loved it. That girl is gonna love college.
Then the closing session at another auditorium. I sat in the back by myself and was generally amused by the methods they used to advertise the school to prospective students. Could have been a lot worse.
Next up was lunch, our last stop before checking out. I sat and nibbled on a piece of pizza (again with the not being hungry. By that time I felt somewhat queasy). I checked out (everything was already packed up - I decided to be efficient on this little excursion) and my mom and brother were there. We stopped on the way home and had some lunch, I ate a little, but really didn't feel well. x_X
When we got home, I told Nicole "no, I won't take you to __________" (insert place there) about ten times, and went to sleep after saying hello to the kitty. ^_^ mom said he missed me. I missed him too, claws and all. I just woke up, no longer feeling like I was going to vomit, ate some yogurt (mmmm, vanilla yogurt. ^_^) and here I sit, typing my widdle heart out.

Overall impressions of UT:
I like it. It's very nice.
They kept referring to us as "the best in the nation", the "brightest students". Bah. They apparently didn't look too closely at my GPA. Chances are I won't get into the university at all, let alone the honors college. In one of my classes someone said they'd had a discussion about some long-dead russian author whose name I cannot pronnounce nor remember the day before... Before this weekend and talking to Joel, I hadn't really had a normal, face-to-face conversation in a long, long time... forget an intelligent one! The longer I spent around all those smart people, the more convinced I became that I am an idiot. >_< Everyone there seemed to have some idea of what they were going to do with their lives - accounting, engineering, architecture, education... and here I sit with no marketable abilities, minimal intelligence, and absolutely no desire to really make something of myself. Hmm.

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