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game AND contest.. will the fun never end!

just spent 12 and a half hours away from home. @_@

day started out on a good note when I got dressed and the shorts that hadn't fit since middle school and were previously a bit tight fell into the 'fits/slightly loose' category.
Then I was happy 'cause I went to Comp USA (mmmm, computers... *drool*) and enjoyed myself all alone. :D

call time for the game was 11:30. We went. One poor flute girl passed out right before we went on the field. O.O; she was okay, though, so it was all good. 'twas warm.
Michael had a headache (didn't feel well 'cause he hadn't eaten) and I wans't hungry... neither was Liz. We gave him our sandwiches. ^_^ he was happy. And I got to borrow one of his Blind Guardian CDs, so I was happy as well. we did a helluva lot better than I thought. I fucked up royally. Oh well. Westfield's band is friggin' cool. Not as good as they were last year, but they still kick our band's collective ass.

hehehe.. Things I Learned on the Bus Ride Home:
- Blind Guardian is quite soothing. Even the louder, fastpaced songs.
- Michael is so damned cute when he's asleep. ^_^ I just wanna curl up with him; he's that adorable.
- Emily can be really annoying. -_-;
- Michael can be difficult to wake up. e.O;
- Sleep hates me. e_e
- I need a boyfriend. 9_9 (Emily and Liz spent the ride discussing their respective men. *grumble*)

After we got back (around 10:15 or so) Nicole and I went to dinner with Alan and Drew... We went to the same burger place we went to the last time we went out after a game. Those two are crazy. ^_^ so much fun. And I said something about craving flesh, so I bit Alan. I think that unnerved him... But then I feasted upon a burger and all was good and tasty. And funny. Drew and Alan's family (they're brothers, Alan is in my grade, Drew one or two years younger) is interesting. e.O;

and so now here I sit, happy and content and full of yummy goodness. ~_~

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