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Does anyone else do this? see scenes in their head? Not just daydreams, since I usually see these while doing something else (today, while driving. meep.), but as if there's a television on in the back of your mind, and it's on, but you're in the scene... I do this a lot, usually it's with my characters (it's how Lotoae and Second Arrival got their starts, actually.), but every now and then I do a weird "what-if" situation, taking what's going on around me at the moment and warping it like some weird movie. Uh, yeah. I like to think of it as a sign of creativity. Or it could just be the early signs of mental illness, we may never know. 9_9

Anywhom, this started when I was walking out to my car after lunch. I was walking to the parking lot when it started... here it is, i shall recount it almost as if it really happened:
I was walking to my car when is aw Michael leaning against his. He looked ill - I stopped to ask him if he was feeling allright; he shrugged it off and muttered something that sounded like "I'll be fine". Knowing he gets really bad headaches sometimes, I made a sympathetic little sound and told him to go home and get some rest. He nodded and I turned to head to computer networking - but when I'd started my car and was ready to leave the parking lot, he still hadn't moved.Worried, I got out and told him that if he couldn't get into his car, there was no way I was going to think about letting him drive himself home. After very little convincing, he got into my car and I took him to his house. There was no one home, and I shooed him inside and made him lie down. I was fretting over him, which usually annoys him, but at this point he no longer cared, and that worried me further. He was half-asleep and I told him I was going to go to my class if he was sure he'd be okay when I touched his arm - he was burning up. I somehow located a thermometer (at this point In Real Life, I was turning or someone turned into my lane and I was focused on the road, so I dunno where I found it) and tried to take his temperature, but for some reason he became really chatty and it kept falling out of his mouth. I finally got him to shut up long enough to get a reading and it was really high, something like 104 degrees - and that's never good.
The next 'scene', we were in the hospital, I was calling the school to tell Mr. Dolnik what happened so he would know why I wasn't at marching practice.
Next scene, I was sitting next to him while he was asleep, because I am a worrywart and I can get very protective when people I care about are ill (I nearly drove my mother insane when she had surgery on her knee; she kept telling me she was allright, she could do it herself... hehe). His mom came in and thanked me for staying with him. I got up to leave, then she told me to sat down and said that Michael was going to be just fine; and then she joked about how the hospital staff had thought I was his wife or girlfriend or something. We laughed a little and it woke Michael up, then we both spent a few minutes fussing over him (*snicker) before, back in character again, he began to protest. After a bit I had to leave for some reason or another, and I got up, kissed his forehead, and told him he'd better get well soon or I'd be visiting him constantly.

After that, the bell rang and Iscampered off to class.

*shrug* that was the movie playing in my head. Weird, no? they almost never involve people I know, but they did today. Hmmmm...
Now I wish I could have one about ML. Might help the creative process. *grumble*

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