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ahhh, just woke up. *bleary-eyed blink* I came home and crashed. Well, more accurately, I came home, took a shower, got dressed again (I don't know why..) and then crashed. :D

And its marvelous how much better I feel after a good three hours of sleep. headache went away. (huzZAH!)

but that means I couldn't go with Kelsey to go see some anime... I dunno what it was, she told me, I think, but for all practical purposes I was asleep at the time. e.O

._. Michael and Emily seem to be bickering a bit. poo. I wasn't thrilled when it was one-sided (hell, it pissed me off beyond belief) but that doesn't mean I necessarily enjoy seeing them BOTH be in on the argument. Granted, it's better than Emily just making him suffer (a LOT better), but still. Cant' we all just get along? (of course not.) Shut up. (make me). e_e;

Emily lost credit for her European History class today. She didn't come to school and showed up twenty minutes late for the class - after fifteen minutes, you're considered absent, and it was her tenth absence in that period. So she's lost credit for the course. She didn't need it to graduate or anything like that, but she was pissed off. She gets sick more than anyone else I've ever met in my life, so she's always going home or just showing up at school around that time of day - which means she hasn't lost credit in any of her other classes. But I'm wondering if she can manage to be at school all day, every day for the rest of the semester. It's not even half over yet.... I guess we'll find out.
*talks to the kitty* apparently, I'm the only one he 'talks' to. I'll meow, he'll meow back. hee. At least my kitty loves me. *gets clawed within an inch of her life* allright, so I was wrong. e_e

mmmm, soup.... *creeps off to the kitchen to locate soupy goodness*

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