Crazy Moving Schedule: Now With Less Crazy!

My family's contract fell through. So, as it stands now, they probably won't be moving before I leave for Mississippi.
Now, this is great for me, as it means one less major upheaval before... well, my major upheaval. Unfortunately it also means I can procrastinate with the packing, though I'm nearly done on that front. Just having a difficult time boxing up my art supplies, since doing so likely means "NO TOUCHY FOR AT LEAST A MONTH." Some of it isn't getting boxed; I'm just going to take it with me when I go, despite my parents' insistence that I will have ZERO time for anything but schoolwork and teaching preparation. Not sure they realize how close to "half" most of the assing I do truly is.
The panicking has more or less begun; the creeping realization that I am seriously under-read compared to (most likely) everyone else in the program. I haven't written papers in over a year, and even then I was terrible at it. My study skills are abysmal.

Current tentative schedule is: Leave for Hattiesburg on the 13th, various orientations begin on the 15th, classes start on the 22nd (I get to teach two classes and then take a poetry workshop; whatta first day), and in theory I should be able to move into my more permanent residence on the 1st of September.

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A post of Things and Stuff and Whatnot (with a hint of Miscellaney)

  • Moving - I am going to Mississippi! Since it could take between three and six years to finish my PhD (I am assuming it will take around four if there are no major problems, but sometimes things go horribly, horribly wrong) I am going to be there a while. And here is where I will be living!
    House! Eventually!
    Honestly, this will one day be a house. I swear.
    Okay, it's not much now. It's not really anything now. But in theory it'll be a house by August 31st! Unfortunately, school starts August 22nd.

  • Crazy Moving Schedule - Which ties into my schedule for the next month or so. My family is moving at the end of July (again, barring horrible disaster or the buyers for our house running away screaming for no reason). About two weeks later, I, my laptop, and a suitcase of clothing head to Hattiesburg. Then, at the end of August, it is house-time, and hopefully my furniture and other miscellaneous belongings will join me.

  • Utter Terror - I don't know anyone in Mississippi. At all. I don't know anyone in my program. It takes me for-goddamned-ever to feel comfortable around people. This could end very badly. Or maybe I'll just get a ton of work done. Who knows.

  • EMPLOYMENT - That is in all caps because IT IS BIG NEWS. When I was originally accepted to USM, I was not given any sort of funding. Monies were low, times are hard, etc. etc. etc., and it was decided I would go anyway and hopefully manage to get funding next year. However, last week I was offered a teaching assistantship, which means a tuition waiver and a stipend, and also I get to warp the minds of wee baby freshmen students in Freshman Comp I. This is awesome.

  • Utter Terror II: Terrible Boogaloo - OH GOD I am responsible for teaching wee baby freshmen. Also, have I mentioned that I never actually took Freshman Comp I? I tested out of it via AP tests, and that was over ten years ago, so I'm really hoping that orientation I'm going to before school starts clears up the minor details like "what the hell this class is about." I have been looking up syllabi from various universities and professors online, so I have a rough idea. But mostly I am just petrified that I'm not going to properly prepare these kids.

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Heads up!

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Taken from Tumblr:


So most of you know by now that Marvel and DC Comics are both taking steps forward in their representation and portrayal of LGBTQA characters.

Both franchises already have gender and sexual minority characters (Northstar, Rictor, Shatterstar, Courier, Batwoman, Voodoo, Bunker, Icemaiden, and so on), but they’re making news this week because Marvel are featuring the wedding of Northstar (Jean-Paul Baubier) and Kyle in Astonishing X-Men, whereas DC have just announced that the Green Lantern of the New 52’s Earth-Two, Alan Scott, will be officially and openly gay.

Naturally, One Million Moms objects.

They even have a convenient form letter set up for members and other interested parties to contact Marvel and DC to express their horror.  The pre-printed text includes phrases like (trigger warnings for homophobia):

  • “I am extremely disappointed that you would use a children’s superhero character to help endorse same-sex marriage and glorify the homosexual lifestyle.”

  • “It is disgusting that your company would participate in introducing sexual orientation to children…”

  • “Your company is damaging impressionable young minds by placing these gay characters on pedestals in a positive light.”

According to One Million Moms, “Your email letter will be sent to key executives at DC Comics (Warner Bros. Entertainment Company) and Marvel (Disney).”

The wonderful thing about this form letter is that the entire text is editable and deletable.  I just used it to send a letter of high praise to both companies for their representations of gender and sexual minorities (along with apologies for the campaign that provided me with a quick and convenient way to contact them in the first place).

Why not join me in using One Million Moms’ awful form letter for good?  Send a letter thanking Marvel and DC for their recent actions!  Send a letter requesting more of them!  Do as you like, but hey, let’s corrupt the original purpose of that letter beyond recognition.  Let’s show Marvel, DC and anyone else out there just how much of a minority bigots like One Million Moms are.

Here’s the direct link to the form letter:

Glee-fer Three-fer. Shut up it's late and I'm tired.

Well, Glee realized they needed a more stupid episode title, so here's... Sigh. Collapse )

Next up, the Whitney Houston Tribute Episode, Collapse )

And finally for this update, Collapse )

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And I discover a fun* new thing about myself

So this move thing is definitely happening. In a few days I head to Hattiesburg again to check out potential living-places. In the meantime, I've begun packing, after a fashion. Clothes are mostly packed, sorta. Like many fat people who have been various sizes throughout their lives, I have several tiny wardrobes in about a half-dozen different sizes. Over the years I have periodically thinned out said wardrobes, eliminating things that (a) I finally admit will never look good on me, or (b) I am now too old to wear without looking a bit silly, or (c) are so far out of what could possibly be considered 'fashion' that I'm kind of grateful I can't wear them at the moment because dear lord what was I thinking. The end result is several of those space-saver bags full of clothes I hope to one day wear, assuming my body cooperates. As soon as I added serious workouts to the mix, all weight loss screeched to a halt (the numbers began climbing again, actually) and I became tired all the time. Turns out the most my body will put up with is something like 15-20 minutes of proper cardio a day before it goes "Nope, nope, you don't get to do anything else today." My labs came back showing my thyroid within the normal range at my current dose of meds, so that will stay the same. Hopefully I will gain some muscle and maybe not be so tired from working out, but I'm not gonna lie, I don't expect it. That's not how it usually works for me.

Anyway, I am also packing up my books, which means about equal parts textbooks, fiction/reference books, and comics. Only, due to lending books out over the years and occasionally having them poached by my sister (and then, I think, lent out to her friends), I am missing several of my Strangers in Paradise TPBs. There's also one Runaways that seems to have escaped (HAH I get it), but I'm missing at least four or five SiP books. That is not the problem; I don't lend out anything that I can't bear to lose, and I know that letting someone borrow a book means a high chance I'll never see that book again. And that's okay.
But I just cannot bring myself to pack them in a box without having the complete set. I can't do it. It makes me seriously twitchy.

I think if it were a series I didn't re-read often it would matter less, but I love SiP. I love the artwork, and even the crazy super-dramatic convoluted story**. So now I'm eyeing eBay and Amazon, trying to find the cheapest way to replace them so my stupid brain will shut up and let me pack them in a goddamn box.

You know, when that shrink I saw said I had obsessive/compulsive tendencies, I laughed.


*"Fun", here, means "really fucking annoying"
**Seriously, I don't think Terry Moore would recognize a chronologically-ordered story if it broke into his house and slapped him with a large mouth bass.

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Glee Two-fer

I'm going into this episode having already seen how tumblr exploded after it aired, so a bit of the suspense is gone, but still. Time for Collapse )

Because how on earth can I wait to find out what happens to Quinn, of course I'm watching the next episode right away. It's Collapse )

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More Glee! Aren't you happy.

I am aware this is months behind, but I feel that now that Valentine's is safely behind us, I can take a non-grumpy and unbiased look at this episode of Glee. Usually I watch the episodes twice*, but I forgot to go over this one a second time, so here's my initial and only reactions to Collapse )

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Support Planned Parenthood

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Help Us Support Planned Parenthood

Join us in standing up for reproductive health and education. Planned Parenthood, the organization that delivers reproductive health care, sex education and information to millions of people worldwide, has come under fire in the U.S. lately, with many politicians on both state and federal level seeking to end funding (and in a few cases succeeding).

During the month of May, you can send a specially designed Planned Parenthood vgift to your friends to help support this cause. (And if you need someone to send it to, frank is always happy to receive gifts!) There are three variations ($1, $5 and $10) for you to choose from, but they'd all look good on your profile when your friends know that you stand by something so important.


Thank you all for your help in our support for Planned Parenthood. This promotion ends June 1, 2012; LiveJournal is not affiliated with Parent Parenthood. For more information about Planned Parenthood, please visit:

-The LiveJournal Team

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Stolen from takhisis:
I think everyone is curious about what others think of them. It's a natural curiosity and one that we rarely get to indulge in. So, let's indulge.

Comment on this post with the three words that you think best describe me. They don't have to be complimentary. They don't have to be anything but honest. If you want, post this in your journal and find out what three words others would use to describe you.

This is the sort of thing I am ALWAYS wondering. I have a weirdly patchy self-image and I often find that the way other people describe me is different from, if not wildly inconsistent with, how I see myself.

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