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jenni_the_odd's Journal

The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain
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  • jenni_the_odd@livejournal.com
  • Late twenties, female, prone to ridiculousness.
  • I draw sometimes, and will occasionally write. Sometimes even for non-school reasons.
  • I enjoy shiny things.
  • I have a BBA with a creative writing minor, an MBA with a marketing concentration, an MLA with an English concentration, and will soon be starting a PhD in English/creative writing. Then maybe I'll start over with a degree in maths or bioengineering or something, for shits and giggles. I WILL COLLECT ALL THE DEGREES.
  • I live at home, with my father, mother, two younger sisters, a younger brother, and two dogs. I love them all very much, in between the urges to throttle them. I will probably miss them when I move.
  • I surround myself with artists and feel appropriately inferior when they proudly display their work. If you are wondering why I added you to my friendslist, and you are an artist, that is probably why.
  • I also add people who make me laugh. If I added you and you are NOT an artist, odds are you have at some point made me snort some sort of beverage out my nose while reading LJ.
  • I do not leave many comments, but in no way does that indicate that I am not reading.
  • I do not get out much.
  • I play with HTML sometimes for absolutely no reason.
  • Sometimes my entries will be in comic form. Sometimes they will not. My journal, my choice.
  • I lean towards liberalism. I have some problems with the current administration. I have way more problems with the opposition to the current administration. I don't have a problem with gay people marrying, holding public office, raising children, or just plain existing. I think welfare and programs designed to aid low-income individuals or families are necessary, but desperately in need of a complete overhaul. I do not often discuss politics. When I do, I will gladly entertain intelligent debate.
  • I think stupidity, especially where it hurts others, ought to be painful. I think repeated stupidity ought to be lethal. I am, however, painfully aware that this is not the way the world works, and that it is rather illegal to attempt to make it work that way.
  • I am extremely ticklish.
  • I am probably very normal.
  • I am Vengeance.
  • I am the Night.
  • I am... BATMAN!
  • I ♥ Bunchies.

    There is no need to ask me if it's okay to add me to your friends list. It's okay.
    If I add you to my friends list, it doesn't mean you've become privy to the deepest darkest secrets of my life. It just means I find you interesting and want to keep up with you through my friends page. I rarely, if ever, make friends-only posts. Since I have ample free time to read said friends page, I only remove people who refuse to learn to spell, who I utterly and entirely lose respect for through their actions, and who insist on posting often enough to actually overwhelm all the other people and communities on my friendslist. Seriously. No one's life is interesting enough to warrant 20+ LJ posts in two hours. And if your life IS that interesting, how the hell do you manage to break away from the madness to post about it every three minutes?

    I moderate bravostuff, which is the place to go if you want to see my artwork/comics posted whenever I can get off my lazy arse and scan them in.
    I babble about cooking and recipes over on jenni_the_cook.
  • 1776, a-a-a-a-a-a-a, accents, adorable geeks, all things british, all things canadian, amateur manga artists, anime art, art, batman, being fabulous, being pantsless, being teh winnar, big stompy boots, blade of the immortal, blood, buckles, buffy the vampire slayer, bunchies, calling alex a wench, canada, chubby girls, colin mochrie, comedy, comic art, comic artists, comic authors, comic strips, comics, cooking, corsetry, corsets, couch-love, crushing your head, csi, curtis stone, degrassi: tng, design, donnie darko, eccentric fashion, eddie izzard, fashion design, fiddler on the roof, firefly, fishnet, fomer band geeks, frightening small children, frogs, geeks, genderwonkiness, genderwonky, gnawing on things, hamlet, hitting michael with pillows, humor, i feel sick, invader zim, johnny the homicidal maniac, joss whedon, labrador retreivers, labs, lace, laces, lingerie, little gay brandon, lizards, manga, michael's sweet sweet ass, morbid humor, mr. greebles, mst3k, muppets, music, musicals, my lab, mystery science theater 3000, online comics, online manga, poking things with sticks, psychology, putting babies on spikes, quirky fashions, realistic perspective, recipes, religion, ryan stiles, sapiosexuality, scaring strangers, scars, sesame street martians, shakespeare, sherlock holmes, sketching, sleeping, slugs, smacking people with trout, snails, stalking webcomic authors, star wars, steve irwin, strange fashions, strangers in paradise, stripey tights, studying people, the houston astros, the human form, the pervert crew, the tahoe of doom, theater, things that shouldn't be, things with tentacles, toads, turtles, twisted humor, wayne brady, webcomic artists, webcomic authors, webcomics, webmanga, what not to wear, wires, yip-yips, zippers